Anastasiya Keegan

Anastasiya Keegan - A tongue in cheek entertainer, creator of heart-warming characters, wacky affairs and cozy sceneries

Meet Anastasiya Keegan, a multi-talented illustrator and author. Armed with a classical art education, she dived headlong into the world of advertising before embarking on a transformative path towards illustration a decade ago. Since then, she has lent her artistic touch to numerous books, infusing each project with her signature style and boundless creativity. Anastasiya's artwork dances with humor, a delightful quest for funny and intriguing details, and the magic of double meanings, all brought to life by captivating characters. Her primary mission is to fill the childhoods of young hearts with laughter and joy, as she believes it to be the perfect time for such magic. Now residing in Upstate New York, she finds solace in a spacious wooden house, nestled amidst towering pine trees. Nature's embrace becomes a constant muse, breathing life into her artistry and infusing it with a sense of wonder. Anastasiya’s artistic journey is a testament to the beauty of exploration and the boundless enchantment that surrounds us all.


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