Fat Heat

Adam Kirsch a.k.a. Fat Heat – the magician of great murals, bringing huge walls to life

Fat Heat is a mural painter with roots in graffiti and 20+ years of experience. He grew up in a small town in Hungary, where he has first seen some graffiti on the walls as a teenager. This was quite an exciting phenomenon, especially because it was not obvious who did it, why they did it… For him, this mysteriousness was what made it so special, and soon he started to scribble, too. He is a self-taught artist, a natural talent, who likes the heavy physical challenge of completing exceptional art on huge walls, but also happy to share his works in smaller layouts. He is one of the first adopters of augmented reality technology combined with large-scale murals; in 2019 he won the award of the 15. Festival of Lights Berlin - Release your Energy - Best street art light painting.


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