Luiza Hickmann


Luiza Hickmann- A versatile creator and a warmhearted guide who welcomes us in her universe filled with love, kindness and acceptance.

Meet Luiza, a devoted illustrator whose passion for sketching traces back to the early chapters of her life. Armed with a degree in graphic design, she embarked on a dynamic journey through the realms of packaging design, advertising, and product design. Every step of the way, she infused her creations with a heartfelt narrative through her illustrations, adding an emotional depth to her projects. A transformative chapter unfolded with motherhood, propelling Luiza into the whimsical universe of children. In this enchanting domain, she unfurled her artistic wings, adorning books, products, games, and even adorable kids' clothing with her signature illustrations. Her canvases come alive with organic lines that dance with a sense of fluidity, bathed in vibrant hues that illuminate every stroke. Amidst this vivid landscape, her characters emerge, brimming with cuteness and charm, a delightful embodiment of enchantment and unbridled joy.


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