Muge Li

Muge Li - An extraordinary creative mind and playful guide of distant universes where oddity and kindness go hand in hand

Muge resides In the vibrant city of New York, a gifted illustrator and designer extraordinaire. Having earned her Illustration MFA from Syracuse University, her heart found its true calling in the enchanting world of children's illustrations.Not content with just weaving visual tales, Muge also wears the hat of an author, crafting stories that dance with humor and quirkiness. Her creative brilliance extends beyond the pages, as she masterfully navigates the spheres of graphic design, pattern, and packaging design. Immersing herself in the digital domain, Muge breathes life into her illustrations with a mesmerizing interplay of textures. In every stroke of her brush and pixel, Muge yearns to spread cheerfulness and joy through her art, leaving a trail of enchantment in the hearts of all who behold her delightful creations.


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