Myriam Babarczy


Myriam Babarczy - A fearless voyager of the wonders of nature, delicate animal characters, textures, balancing between reality and fantasy.

Myriam is a talented illustrator and graphic designer, armed with a degree from METU. Her heart finds its greatest passion in the world of children's book illustration, alongside this beloved craft, she immerses herself in crafting captivating packaging designs and board games. Finding inspiration in the simple beauty of everyday life and the wonders of nature, her artistic vision weaves a tale intricately connected to wildlife, where animals come alive with endearing human characteristics. In the realm of storytelling, her focus rests on the intricate fabric of emotions, exploring the depths of characters' minds. Myriam sets sail on artistic voyages, her steadfast ally being digital techniques, harmoniously woven with the tactile allure of analogue media.


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