Rosie Dore

Rosie Dore - An adventurous venturer and admirer of the natural world submerging into watercolor, ink and rich traditional materials

Say hello to Rosie, a gifted illustrator hailing from the picturesque Co. Mayo, Ireland. With a degree in Illustration and Animation BA (Hons) from Anglia Ruskin University, UK, Rosie's creative journey soared to new heights in 2019. Drawing inspiration from her admiration for animals and the natural world, Rosie's illustrations breathe life into captivating animal characters, each brought to life with imagined personalities and behaviors. A dedicated researcher, she embarks on real-life observations to guide her artistic endeavors, ensuring every stroke tells a compelling tale of the creatures that inhabit her canvases. Beyond her love for fauna, Rosie's artistic vision knows no bounds. She ventures into the realm of fantasy and explores the intricacies of human subjects with equal aplomb. Blending watercolors, pen and ink, and a rich tapestry of traditional materials with digital finesse, Rosie's work becomes an emotive symphony, rich in quirkiness and character.


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