Tamara Bella



TAMARA BELLA- A multi-talented creative mind enchanting us over and over again with her vibrant characters, harmonious color palettes and  heartwarming scenes.


Introducing Tamara, a Hungarian animator, illustrator, and visual storyteller now calling Barcelona home. Her artistic journey began with animation studies at MOME and continued to flourish through illustration studies at WDKA. Tamara's creative endeavors have traversed the realms of publications, risograph printing, and the mesmerizing world of character animations. Her inspiration springs from daydreams, those cherished moments spent on lengthy phone calls with loved ones while basking by the serene seaside or pedaling through the bustling city, spinning narratives about the strangers she encounters. In her projects, Tamara masterfully melds gravity with delight, infusing levity into weightier themes to render them more accessible and engaging. Her artistic heart thrives on simplicity enriched with intricate details, vibrant characters, daring colors, and the charming touch of hand-drawn lettering. Tamara's artistry is a celebration of the marriage between playfulness and depth, a testament to her talent in making the ordinary extraordinary.


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