Val Halasi


Val Halasi - A brave enchanter of motion graphic, immersive illustrations and murals breathing life into anything he touches

Introducing Val, an animation artist and illustrator extraordinaire, whose work brims with the essence of fluid movement. Gifted with a discerning eye for detail and an undeniable talent for character design, he weaves spellbinding narratives that awaken life within the stillness of each frame. With an impressive 6 years of industry experience under his belt, Val shines as a supportive team player, adeptly following art direction, while also excelling in his solo projects. His artistry extends to monumental objects, transporting viewers to realms of unbridled imagination. Nature becomes his canvas, where he masterfully stylizes and crafts mesmerizing new worlds. Embracing a kaleidoscope of artistic styles, each piece bears the indelible mark of his creativity, rendering them a unique and formidable force in the world of animation and illustration.


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